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Marine/ Floatation

Sondor manufacture and supply cross-linked closed cell expanded Polyethylene (SPX) and cross-linked closed cell expanded SVA in various densities for numerous floatation and buoyancy applications.
Buoyancy Sheeting/ Blocks (SPX)
  • Sondor’s foam is a fully cross-linked closed cell expanded polyethylene.
  • Excellent buoyancy characteristics - able to support approx. 1000 Kg/m3.
  • SPX is fully closed-cell, and will not absorb water even if the material is cut open.
  • Superior tensile strength, elongation and weathering capabilities.
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils, and fuels.

Sondor SPX complies with SAMSA regulations section 9 & 9.1 regarding floatation requirements. [Category A-E: (Off-shore) as well as category R: (Inland waters)]

  • Custom designs can be CNC shaped out of a variety of our foams.
  • The range of foams has excellent shock absorption, vibration damping, insulation and buoyancy characteristics.
  • The foams are resilient, compressible and light weight.
  • Specialists are available to assist with design, layout, and choice of materials.
  • Sondor foam can also be used as boat deck carpet underlay.
  • Available in a large range of densities, from 25 to 300 Kg/m3 .



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