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Besides stocking standard expanded cord in many diameters, Sondor also manufactures quality extruded profiles and is geared up to manufacture profiles in small quantities.


  • Space fillers to ensure products are snugly packaged preventing damage during transportation and storage.
  • Load spreaders to protect against impact at certain points, spreading the shock over a large area.
  • Cushion packaging protects against shock and vibration.
  • Ideal for applications requiring low surface abrasion and packaging of fragile products such as military equipment.
  • Various flotation devices for marine and water applications.


  • Sondor has highly versatile fabrication processes for solving many applications.
  • High-quality finish and edging adds value to the presentation of products.
  • The range of foams has excellent shock absorption, vibration damping, insulation and buoyancy characteristics, as well as aesthetically appealing qualities.
  • The foams are resilient, compressible and light weight.
  • Specialists available to assist with design, layout, and choice of materials.
  • Any custom profile can be shaped out of a variety of our foam. And any profile up to 1m x 1m in 2m lengths. 

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