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If there is any day that we want to wrap ourselves in bubble wrap, it's Monday! (Well, we hope it's not one of those days). The last Monday of January is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day to commemorate this useful, protective material essential for packaging and storage since 1961. Bubble wrap pulls out all the stops when receiving or transporting anything of value.

To recap the interesting history of Bubble Wrap, in 1956, two engineers, Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding, created bubble wrap by sealing two shower curtains together, intending on marketing it as wallpaper. Of course, this idea was not successful. So, Chavannes and Fielding moved to sell the product as greenhouse insulation.

The product was then originally named Air Cap and produced by the Sealed Air Corporation in 1960, which evolved into the Bubble Wrap we know today. Its major debut was when it protected IBM's 1401 computer when it started shipping. Sealed Air Corporation trademarked Bubble Wrap and has been filling packaging needs ever since.

Sondor has taken Bubble Wrap a step further with our durable Performance Bubble made for a variety of uses, including furniture protective packaging, agriculture, automotive construction and roofing, and protective packaging for pharmaceuticals, glassware, electronics etc.

Bubble wrap seems to bring out the playfulness in everyone no matter what age; popping a bubble or two can be too tempting. We hope you start the week in the mood to pop a few bubbles.


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