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Cordex - Sealant Backing Cord

Insulation, Building & Construction

Sealant backing cord made from low density, non cross-linked, closed cell, expanded Polyethylene foam.
Colours: Grey and White
  • Cordex is waterproof.
  • Compatible with joint sealants such as silicone, polysulphide, polyurethane, butyl, bitumen and acrylic sealants.
  • Requires no bond breaker between the cord and the sealant.
  • Is highly flexible and has a good recovery capacity, providing a permanent secondary seal behind the joint sealant.
  • Hour-glass cross-section cell structure ensures that stresses are uniformly distributed so that maximum bonding occurs at high-stress areas.
  • Used in various types of expansion joints as a backer for joint sealant or caulking materials.
  • Used in vertical joints and elevated horizontal joints in concrete, brick or metal construction.
  • Used in copings, doors, curtain wall construction and pre-cast units.
  • Can also be used for piping in the furniture industry.
  • Closed cell expanded Polyethylene
  • Diameter: -6 mm to 60 mm
  • Shrinkage: < 5% @ 70°c / 24 Hrs
  • Temperature Range: -10°c to 70°c
  • Water Absorption: 5 % of volume after 24 hrs.
  • General: Totally inert and has no rodent attraction. Must not be stored in clear plastic bags. Has a skin surface, therefore no sealants adhere to it's surface.
  • A variety of roll sizes are available on request. Availability of non-standard sizes dependent on order quantity.

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