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Ziplag - Pipe Insulation

Insulation, Marine & Water, Building & Construction, Accoustic

Sondor pipe Insulation lagging is manufactured from non cross-linked flexible expanded polyethylene with quick locking system.
Colours: Grey
Flammability Characteristics

Self-extinguishing based on Sondor's internal test methods.

Non cross-linked expanded polyethylene foams do not weather well over extended periods of time if exposed to direct UV light. It is recommended that the product should be covered or painted with a suitable PVA paint if exposed to direct UV light.

Alternatively, change to Sondor SPX material for superior performance in extended UV and weathering applications. No need for painting or covering the product as this is a cross-linked expanded PE foam (Not supplied with the quick zip lock closing system).

  • Fully closed-cell foam
  • Helps to maintain the core temperature of liquids over extended periods of time in hot and cold piping applications
  • Effective solution to reducing electricity and energy costs
  • Noticeably slows down the time water pipes take to freeze [external temperature dependent]
  • Noticeably slows down the time water pipes take to cool down in hot water applications [solar & geyser etc.]
  • Acoustic barrier to reduce noise in pipe applications
  • Low thermal conductivity, vapor transmission & water absorption
  • Non-toxic & does not attract rodents
  • Fully recyclable & environmental friendly
  • Supplied in various diameters to meet your insulation requirements
  • Flexible and easy to cut and install
  • Supplied with quick zip lock closing system
  • Used for pipe insulation in hot and cold liquid applications.
  • Temperature Range:+80°C to -40°C
  • Thermal Conductivity Test Method SABS:ASTM C518
  • R-Value: 10mm *0.210m2 .K/W
  • K-Value: 10mm *0.049 W/m.K
  • R-Value: 15mm **0.302m2 .K/W
  • K-Value: 15mm **0.051 W/m.K
  • R-Value: 20mm *0.393m2 .K/W
  • K-Value: 20mm *0.052 W/m.K

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