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CNC Routing 

Cross-linked or non-cross-linked foams can be used to create CNC routed products for cushioning, shock absorption and protective packaging, as well as packaging for display purposes.

How does CNC Routing work?

CNC foam routing is a versatile and efficient way to cut foam for a variety of applications. The process involves using a CNC router to follow a pre-determined path that cuts the foam to the desired shape. Foam routing can be used to create almost anything imaginable for foam packaging. 

The foam is first mounted onto supports that keep it in place during the cutting process. The CNC router then uses a spinning bit to follow the path and cut the foam. The foam can be cut to any desired shape, making it an ideal solution for projects that require precision cuts. Foam CNC routing is a fast and efficient way to create custom foam shapes, making it an essential tool for any business that uses foam in their products or packaging.


  • Space fillers: To ensure products are snugly packaged preventing damage during transportation and storage
  • Load spreaders: Protection against impact at certain points, spreading the shock over a large area
  • Cushion packaging: Protection against shock and vibration
  • Ideal for applications requiring low surface abrasion and packaging of fragile products such as electronic components
  • Promotional and display packaging purposes


  • Sondor has highly versatile fabrication processes for solving many packaging applications
  • High-quality finish and edging add value to the presentation of products
  • The range of foams has excellent shock absorption, vibration damping, insulation, and buoyancy characteristics, as well as aesthetically appealing qualities
  • The foams are resilient, compressible, and lightweight
  • Specialists available to assist with design, layout, and choice of materials
  • Designs can either be supplied in the form of CAD drawings or drawn up by our in-house staff.
  • Specifications of product and casings can be supplied and the layout designed in-house.


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