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Foam Extrusions

In addition to stocking standard expanded cord in many diameters, Sondor manufactures quality extruded profiles and is geared up to manufacture profiles in small quantities. Foam extrusions are ideal for the protection of edges and fabrics for shaping and cushioning.

How is Foam Extruded?

Foam is composed of millions of tiny, interconnected bubbles that are sealed with an outer layer of polymers. These polymers give the foam its distinctive texture and buoyancy, while also helping to prevent the foam from breaking down over time. To create extruded foam, a specialized machine applies varying amounts of pressure to a mixture of foam ingredients. The foam mixture is then pushed through a narrow opening at one end, where it emerges as a thin strip or panel. This foam extrusion process gives us the soft, cushiony material that is used in everything from pool noodles to packaging materials. Extruded foam is an incredibly versatile and useful product for home or industrial purposes.


  • Space fillers to ensure products are snugly packaged, preventing damage during transportation and storage
  • Load spreaders to protect against impact at certain points, spreading the shock over a large area
  • Usable as a design element or as edge protection
  • Cushion packaging protects against shock and vibration.
  • Ideal for applications requiring low surface abrasion and packaging of fragile products such as military equipment
  • Various floatation devices for marine and water applications
  • Foam edging to protect fragile items from scuffing and damage


  • Sondor has highly versatile extrusion processes for solving many applications.
  • High-quality finish and edging add value to the presentation of products.
  • The range of foams has excellent shock absorption, vibration damping, insulation, and buoyancy characteristics, as well as aesthetically appealing qualities.
  • The foams are resilient, compressible, and lightweight
  • Specialists available to assist with design, layout, and choice of materials
  • Any custom profile can be shaped out of a variety of our foam. And any profile up to 1m x 1m in 2m lengths.


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