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Adhesive Coating

Sondor is able to adhesively coat a wide range of foam products to meet specific requirements. Sondor can supply adhesive coating for applications such as tapes, packaging, medical devices and industrial mounting

Single side adhesive foams are ideal for die-cut packaging, protective pads or tape applications. Double-sided coated foams are suitable for mounting purposes and are often die-cut to shape. 

What is Adhesive Coating?

Adhesive coating refers to any material that is applied to a surface in order to help bind it together or prevent its separation. This type of coating can be made from a variety of different materials, including glue, foam, and polymer-based compounds. This can be done by creating a layer of glue that not only adheres to the surface, but also increases its resilience and strength. 

In the construction industry, adhesive coating is often used to seal windows, doors, walls, and roofing materials, with the use of foam sealing strips and tape. The adhesive coating used in sealing tape makes it more durable against harsh weather conditions. In addition, adhesive coatings are also used in many other applications where strong bonds or seals are needed, such as die-cut protective pads or automotive applications. 

Overall, adhesive coatings can have a wide range of effects depending on their composition and formulation, making them an extremely versatile and useful tool in many different industries.

Advantages of Sondor Adhesive Coating

  • Sondor can offer various thicknesses and densities of adhesive coated foam.
  • A wide variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives can be supplied, such as acrylics or rubber-based.
  • Food and skin contact adhesives are available on request.
  • Foams can be adhesively coated on either one or both sides.
  • We are able to bond a wide variety of substrates.
  • Adhesive coating offers protection from corrosion.
  • Sondor can offer a wide selection of release liners in both paper and film. 
  • Adhesive Coated Foams have an excellent ability to resist flex and vibration
  • Minimal increase in weight of assembly
  • Adhesive coating results in minimal shrinkage when cured.
  • Excellent cohesive strength
  • Superior chemical and heat resistance
  • The finished product can be slit to meet many specifications.
  • Sondor will match the correct foam, adhesive, and release liner to tailor your product exactly to your needs.


Adhesive coating is used in a number of our Adhesive Tape products such as Acryband, Groutseal, Groutex, Lapseal and Sondorband. See Strip & Tape for more information.

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